So, I realize posts have been scarce of late. There is one major reason for that: I just bought a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire convertible. On the one hand, that means I am now able to be on my own schedule for transportation. On the other hand, I paid cash for it, and so I am nearing broke for a few weeks here. On the gripping hand, it is a 14-year-old vehicle, and there are a few problems to work on.

As a result, Project Inanna will likely be put on the middle burner (the back burner is too full of other projects... ;-P) for a month or two, until I have budget and time again to work on her.

That being said, I have painted the entirety of the superstructure, and the motors and rudder controls are all mounted--it should not take long to get her running, at least in an RC fashion. I will post pictures of the painting at some point soon.


Superstructure Complete!

So, I have completed the superstructure! Also below are some images of the newly-designed GPS breakout, and a video of the outdoor lift test I made a week ago.




Got the first board design done, for the AVR IO slave. Below are pictures and links to the EAGLE files themselves.


Motor Test

So, last night I did a quick motor test using my laptop to send servo data over an FTDI cable to a Boarduino. The Boarduino is using the Servo library to address the ESC.

Video after the jump.